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2020 and Hook Modern Design

Hi friends! First, we miss you. We hope you are well and safe. We are eager to see you all again very soon!

Hook Modern Design started the year at full speed! We had a long and detailed agenda and so many exciting plans, like wrapping up a few projects, new projects in the pipeline, launching a new website, and finally implementing processes that will allow us to better connect with our colleagues, clients and friends with Instagram and our new blog.

However, June 1, 2020 finds us in a moment of pause. Do you feel the same? While we continue to work, we're also using this time to take stock of our business and how we can use our abilities to positively impact those around us. We are first and foremost a service-based company, and as such, we want to be a service to you in a relevant and appropriate way. So, instead of publishing our original first blog post, we'd just like to say that while design is important, the health, well-being and rights of those in our community and country are more important.

If you find yourself in need of design services today, from a full renovation to just sprucing up a room, please call us. We are excited to work with you! If instead, you find yourself in need of a friend to talk to during this incredibly important and difficult time, reach out. We love our community. We want to hear from you!

X, Brig and Cass

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02 juin 2020

Thank you for being aware and starting the conversation. Love you guys and look forward to working with you soon!

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