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  • Brig and Cass

Reupholstering is FUN!

People often ask us how we handle certain scenarios with clients... like, "Ewww what if they have ugly things they want to keep? How do you work around THAT??" Well, the truth is, if they love it - we leave it. And sometimes we find a way to make it better. Sometimes, we can see the beauty, you know- how they see it and what they love about it. Sometimes, there's a story behind the "ugly" thing and we fall in love with it, too! Take these chairs, for instance. They were actually old-school fabulous (Kreiss Furniture!) but needed some updating. We adored the detailed bent wood construction. The shape and the lines were good and the wood stain was agreeable with our vision for this kitchen renovation so we suggested recovering them. The client agreed this was a fantastic idea and we had a blast putting the fabrics together. The original fabric was truly wonderful and in perfect condition... it just wasn't the right style anymore and we were headed in a much bolder direction (check out our recent Instagram posts or search the hashtags #kkkitchen and #kimberlycool to follow this project!) So, with much respect, we bid adieu to the now retired khaki stripes and we sent these babies off to our upholsterer (we love you, Juan!) to be lovingly redeemed in some super fun fabrics by Kara Mann for Baker and Kravet fabrics. What do you think?



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